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Right now, you might be wondering what benefits come from hiring a virtual legal assistant? 

You’re used to doing everything yourself and letting go might seem too hard, or maybe you’re curious about the costs of outsourcing.

We get it!

Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. Here is your guide to all the benefits you can access when you outsource to a virtual paralegal.

Your time is money, so why waste that time on admin? Outsourcing to a virtual paralegal gives you the same support from an experienced legal administrator without the extra costs.

A virtual paralegal can offer you a huge logistical and financial benefit. This is your chance to access quality support with the flexibility to increase or decrease your hours as needed.

Top benefits of hiring a virtual paralegal

A virtual paralegal is an independent contractor who, from a remote location, usually their home or office, can support you by providing administrative advice and assistance. You don’t need to provide office space or physically be in the same city.

We fit seamlessly into a firm having as little or as much input as you like. And the benefits to you are vast…

Flexible support when YOU need it:  How many times do you experience busy weeks, followed by a quiet week? Your virtual paralegal understands this and allows you the opportunity to leverage your time. Meaning you can concentrate on what makes you money and builds your business.

You only pay for the time worked or completed project so, whether you need regular or ad hoc support, a virtual paralegal is a cost-effective solution.

Value for money:  Because a virtual paralegal takes care of their own tax, superannuation, technology/computer, training, office space, and more, you’re paying to get the work done – no water cooler chit chat or a bum on a seat.

Experience:  Virtual Paralegals generally have many years of experience in the area of law they support so little to no training is required.

Productivity:  We are super-fast learners so don’t be surprised if we catch on to your way of working faster than you expect! And you can often enjoy a faster turnaround on projects than you might in the office because of our experience and we work smart.

Scale your business:  If your goal is to build or scale your business then a virtual paralegal can help keep your incremental costs low but keep your business flexible.

Sounds great, what can a virtual paralegal do for me?

Well, essentially, a virtual paralegal carries out all the same tasks an employee might do, but you’re only paying for the time or tasks needed so you get value as well as professional support.

You’ll want someone who has experience in the area of law you offer. All virtual paralegals have different areas of law that they specialise in so it’s a good idea to shop around and find the best fit.

And here’s a little tip for you …. a good virtual paralegal will have a great network so even if you require a different set of skills, they’ll be able to find you suitable legal support.

At Virtually Connected we specialise in intellectual property law offering support in patents, trademarks, and designs.

However, we also have many happy clients who require general legal support.

We can assist in all areas of IP law and are very experienced in the Australian and New Zealand systems.

Ready to chat?

By now you’re probably convinced of the benefits of outsourcing! At Virtually Connected we make sure you enjoy reliable, trustworthy, and experienced assistance, through regular communication and updates.

We understand the hours involved in running a legal practice. We are very flexible and approachable and our #1 goal is making sure you (and your clients) are happy.

So if you’re keen to alleviate some of the stress and overwhelm in the day to day running of your practice, please get in touch and we can have a chat. If we can’t help, we’ll be sure to find someone who can.

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